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a gritty, low spice little mermaid retelling


Her kiss will kill him.

Unless he kills her first.


After pirates murdered her mother, Mira adopted a new creed: drown any human male she finds. Yet a monster prowls upon the waves, relentlessly stealing sirens. Somehow immune to the sirens’ allure, rumored to have survived countless shipwrecks, and with a vessel wreathed in otherworldly fog, the Scourge of the Sea seems more wraith than human.

Mira doesn’t care. When she sees a chance to end his grisly reign, she takes it.

She fails.

Near death and desperate to rescue her friend, Mira barters with the sea witch Kalys, trading her voice for legs — and a second chance to destroy her people’s worst enemy. But this time, if Mira fails, she won’t merely lose her life.

She’ll lose her soul.

For years, Elias Wrenn has endured the horrors of seafaring superstition to settle his and his adopted brother’s debt to the crown. Sirens bring the greatest reward, and hunting the vile creatures with the crown’s backing is barely different from piracy and hunting for vengeance. But when a rare siren is spotted, the king offers a new contract: bring her in, alive, and both Elias and his brother walk free.

His crew offering passage to a beautiful mute woman isn’t part of the bargain, but Elias grudgingly agrees — until a shipwreck leaves him stranded with her, and he realizes who, and what, she is. But he won’t fall for a siren’s charms, whether she’s masquerading as human or not.


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dystopian | romantasy | fantasy | fairy tales

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