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In addition to writing and editing (because I have tons of free time hahahano), I also make candles under the name Firedove Creations. While I am very much just getting started in this and have loads to learn, it is a lot of fun, and I have plans to expand as time and money allow. There will be a shop soon; watch for an announcement on that!


100% pure soy wax. No additives or chemicals or dyes. High-quality fragrance oils. Currently eighteen unique scents, including four inspired by characters from my books. 



Allegiances & Architects

Mas understands only half of this name, but for those who know MBTI, he’s the Architect type (INTJ). Or “Mastermind.” I wanted to use “masterminds” somehow, but alas, nothing that started with M fit him, and I wanted an alliteration because Sorek’s was an alliteration. For Mas, while he spends a great deal of time outside like all the Huls do, he is the more, well, sophisticated of the three male leads (oops, did I just admit Mas is a male lead?), and as such, he needed something that said “soldier” but also “studious soldier who can kill you with knowledge as well as his hands.” Something that made one think of a semi-gentleman? Mas is actually a gentleman for the most part… Rab may not agree, but Ari would. 


So he got some of the smoke scent, ginger and spice, black currant absinthe (I mean, he may or may not have a slight drinking problem…), as well as white birch and a fun scent called library that literally smells like books. Mas would smell like books.


Hugs for Huls

If you follow my social media, you know I typically use nicknames for, well, everything. Characters (Masrekah to Mas, Rabreah to Rab…etc.), organizations (Hulcondans to Huls, mostly, since they’re the main organization at the moment), the series itself (Purification world to Puri world) ------ everything gets shortened when I can.  


So this is the scent for the Huls in general. Molasses (because they’re so sweet *snort*), sandalwood (because men), smoke and cinnamon, and a touch of leather to round it out (because in-city/non-combat uniforms) ------ and voila, a huggable scent for the oh-so-huggable Huls. (Can you sense my sarcasm here? But seriously, these poor PTSD-ridden soldiers all need so many hugs. Mean authors are mean. What can I say? I do what I want.)


Just a Big Teddy Bear

Hasi hates me for this one, but what else does one call the candle inspired by the roughest, toughest, meanest, most huggable Hul? (He says, “Anything but that?” Sorry, darlin’. Shouldn’t be such a melty thing around your sweet wife.) Meant to call to mind a wintery forest, I painstakingly pieced together tree-ish scents with a touch of smoke and leather. The result? Something that smells like outside. Poor semi-claustrophobic Hasi would be pleased with that part.


Shadows & Secrets

The play on words here still amuses me, as Sorek’s code name is “Shadow.” And he has more secrets than you can shake a stick at. (Is that still a saying? If it is, did I use it properly? Who knows.) For Sorek the rebel leader who is also probably a hunter of some sort (ha, if you only knew…), I also needed an earthy, outside-ish scent. Spruce, cedarwood, dirt, and leather were the foundation, and then I just needed that extra little touch of something, which I found in black sea. Because he probably was a sailor at some point or something and just hasn’t told me about it yet. We would be so very shocked if he is keeping more secrets from me. Truly. So shocked.


Banana Mint Shake

A simple, slightly-strange-but-yummy mix of spearmint and banana that definitely fills a room with a sense of something between summer and winter.


Black Cherry Cheesecake

One of the first scents I made, this one truly does have a creamy, cheesecake note to it, surprisingly enough. I came up with the name after I made it and it made me think of cheesecake ------ I didn’t set out to make it smell that way. The black cherry definitely comes out on top, but there are hints of maple and cinnamon in there too. A warm, cozy scent that fills the room quite nicely.


Buttercream Sage

Basically what it sounds like ------ vanilla buttercream and sage, but there is a cookie-type, spicy scent to it as well. The warmth of vanilla buttercream contrasts the slightly sharper bite of sage in a pleasant way without either overpowering the other.


Cedar Sunset

What does cedar smell like at sunset? Maybe a bit like this! Somewhere between woodsy, spicy, and creamy, this is one of the warmest scents I have. Honestly, while I only make scents that I like, it’s one of my least favorite overall when cold, but when burning, it just makes whatever room it’s in feel cozy and light.


Cinnamint Cream

I felt clever with this name ------ this is a mixture of cinnamon, spearmint, and marshmallow cream. Kind of like a warmer peppermint or a creamier sort of candy-cane scent, this one smells like something you might find on the dessert table at Christmas.


Farmhouse Christmas

Speaking of Christmas, if you’ve ever wondered what a farmhouse smells like at Christmas, it might be a bit like this! With hints of caramel, cinnamon, and a couple different Christmas-themed scents, this one just makes you want to curl up beside the twinkling Christmas tree with a good book.


Frosted Pear & Vanilla

One of the most recent scents created, this one is a cozy mixture of vanilla bean, baked pear, and a couple other more wintery/cookie-type scents. The pear is a touch stronger than the vanilla part, but there is a definite vanilla/creamy edge to it. One of my favorites for sure.


Hazelnut Coffeehouse

I’m not a coffee drinker, and I usually don’t gravitate toward coffee-scented things as they typically don’t smell natural to me. But I made this one for a friend at work who asked for a coffee-type scent. In her words, I “nailed it,” so… There are two coffee-ish scents here, as well as some maple and molasses to round it out. This scent filled the house when I made it (and lingered even into the next day), and it was lovely.


Lavender Dreams

Another of the first scents I came up with, this is one of our favorites with a simple yet comforting blend of lavender, spearmint, and dreamsicle. Not too minty, not too lavendery, and just creamy enough to relax you and ease the stress of a long day.


Midnight Marshmallows

Ah, this one was quite the accident, really. I was trying to use up some of the original fragrances I’d bought. Fireside, vanilla buttercream, and a cookie-like scent all seemed great together ------ but then I added a touch of frasier fir and regretted how I’d ruined it. But surprise ------ it turned out to be one of my favorites. How it ended up smelling like marshmallows, I really don’t know, but it definitely brought to mind roasting marshmallows in an evergreen forest, likely at midnight because there are surely a lot of stars in this scenario. So there ya go.


Orange Forest

Orange patchouli and pine blend here to call to mind fresh oranges amid an evergreen forest. The orange stands out a touch more than the pine, but it’s a pretty even split between the two.


Spiced Autumn Apples

A recent addition to the scent collection, this one is definitely spicer-smelling than the other apple one (below). It has more of a cider note to it (hot apple cider is the base after all), but there are hints of cookie and orange patchouli here too, as well as the main scent in Farmhouse Christmas. Definitely a fall scent here!


Sweet Apple Frosting

One of the best sellers so far! An alluring mixture of fresh apple pie and hot toddy with hints of pumpkin and maple. So yummy you’ll want to eat it. (But don’t. It’s a candle, not food. It will not taste like it smells, I promise.)


Warm Maple Medley

A mixture of four different maple scents, this one is both sweet and warm without being overpowering. Another newer one and one of my favorites.

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