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Ah, the Sea of Dreaded Editing. Navigating these waters can be overwhelming and downright terrifying. Sending your book-baby off to someone else? Someone who might rip it apart? *shudders*

No matter which stage you’re in, I promise I will care for your story-baby as my own. You and your book aren’t just a job to me ------ you’re part of my passion. No detail will be overlooked, I’ll never force my voice on yours, and you will have a virtual cheerleader to see you through the doubts and days where you can’t seem to eke out a paragraph without hating it. You can expect my own brand of kinda-crazy professionalism, courtesy, honesty, and encouragement. Oh, and some fangirling over your villains, let’s be honest here. (I’ll only try to redeem them a little. Muhaha.) To the best of my abilities, I will walk your story’s path beside you and help make it the best it can be. I want you to succeed in your writing career and share your book(s) with the world!

Though I specialize in dystopian and fantasy, I’ll bring my all to the table (erm, screen?) no matter the genre. I love character-driven stories with romantic subplots, war/conflict between kingdoms/nations, warriors and princesses and assassins and rebels and political tension and grittiness and real-world issues and ahhhh! *squeals and scares my cats* Twists, secrets, realistic characters, enemies working together, and increasing suspense make me giddy. Villains might be my weakness (don’t tell them; they’ll use it against me). Redemption is my heart.


Even if your story doesn’t have any of those elements, I’d still love to take a look. Payment plans and discounted bundles/second passes are available (all prices are USD). Just ask! I do strongly recommend some reliable, honest beta readers before you get into the editing stage, if at all possible. It makes the process smoother for both of us and can often help you catch bigger issues prior to edits (so less money out of your pocket). 

*I’m sorry, but I don’t accept erotica, sexy romance, LGBTQ+-centric, or excessively violent/profane stories. I’m not a good fit for those genres and wouldn’t be able to provide what you need. I will accept demonic/occultic/witchy manuscripts on a strict case-by-case basis. I prefer a content rating of PG-13 or under.


If you have any questions about what I accept/do not accept, please do not hesitate to contact me.


A big-picture edit focusing on plot/subplots and character development. This is where major changes take place ------ rewriting entire sections, removing and/or adding chapters/characters/subplots, moving things around, etc. Consider this as where we get the bones correctly in place. While there is a difference between developmental and substantive editing, at this time, I offer them together.

Line edit

An in-depth edit where I analyze each sentence and give detailed suggestions for improvement. This focuses on clarity/readability, meaning, character motivations, etc. as well as spelling, grammar, typos, capitalization, and consistency. If the bones of the plot/characters are already solid, this is where I help you polish the existing story and prose without making large-scale changes to the story itself or your voice.

Developmental/Substantive edit


Copy/Mechanical edit

A lighter edit that focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, capitalization, etc. Please note: in this edit, content will only be addressed if I notice glaring issues.


The final check prior to publication that focuses on spelling, punctuation, capitalizations, typos, and formatting issues. Please note: in this edit, content will not be addressed. I will only proofread edited manuscripts.



Maybe you’re still just working on writing your story and can’t tell if it’s, well, working. Critique buddies, while invaluable, can only do so much because, I mean…lives and stuff. Do you need someone to look at all that you have and make sense out of it? Someone to help you find the heart of your story underneath all the words that you’ve erased and rewritten seven times? Someone to just read what you have and tell you honestly if it’s crap or not?

I do chapter-by-chapter editing or reading as well, coming alongside you with in-depth notes to help you finish that draft. (That could be a chant, right? “Finish that draft! Finish that draft!” Yeah, now that’ll be stuck in my head for at least the next ten minutes…) I’ll encourage you, keep you accountable (“Did you write today? No? WELL DO IT OR I WILL SEND MY BAD GUYS AFTER YOU!”), brainstorm with you, and probably fall in love with your characters and try a few times to squish their faces.


Alpha Read/Review

A first look at your manuscript (or chapter) in its rawest and possibly unfinished state. This is helpful in making sure you’re on the right path with your story. (Pages go by industry standard of 1-in margins, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced.)

Beta Read/Review

A read-through and review of your unpolished, unedited manuscript (or chapter) with a focus on whether the overarching story itself works and accomplishes what you desire. I will have certain criteria I make notes about, but you are welcome to include specific questions/concerns that you’d like me to address as well. (Pages go by industry standard of 1-in margins, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced.)



What if you just have an idea? Or an outline that you need some feedback on? I can help there too. Rates here will vary a lot, so send me a message and let’s chat about it!


No editor is a perfect fit for everyone. If you’d like to see how well our styles and visions mesh, please send me a message! I offer a split-section sample edit, so send me the first 1k of the story and 1k from closer to the middle ------ no charge, no strings attached*. If you have any questions about the options I offer, just message me! 


As stated above, payment plans and bundles are available. Let me know what you need, and we will go from there!

*For manuscripts under 25k, I reserve the right to provide a shorter sample but will edit enough to demonstrate my work and style.

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