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a multi-author series

12 clean standalone fairy tale retellings
(each cover is an Amazon link)
V01 23-102 Deborah Grace White The Unlucky Prince (1).jpg

A sacrifice to duty. Magic gone awry. And a prince with the worst luck on the continent.

23-057 Celeste Baxendell The Wicked Prince (2).jpg

A righteous outlaw. A wicked tyrant. A marriage to save their crumbling kingdom.
23-168 Lyndsey Hall The Silver Prince.jpg

A soldier who conjures shadows. A princess cursed to dance. A mystery none can solve.
23-149 Selina R Gonzalez The Crownless Prince (1).jpg

A dreamer prince. A princess out of his reach. A second chance to keep their promises.
23-120 Kate Stradling The Beggar Prince.jpg

An unwilling suitor. A mocking princess. A marriage they both abhor.
23-186 Angie Grigaliunas The Midnight Prince.jpg

A bitter prince. A rejected servant. A revelation that could change everything.
23-177 Jacque Stevens The Shoeless Prince.jpg

A shoeless son of a miller. A high-fashion tabby. An adventure far more than they bargained for.
23-008 Alora Carter The Awakened Prince (2) new cover (1).jpg

​A betrothed prince. A mysterious maiden. Secrets that could destroy the kingdom.
23-084 Alice Ivinya The Golden Prince (2).jpg

A perfect prince. An engagement to save a kingdom. Too bad it’s all a lie.
23-200 Kristin J Dawson The Poisoned Prince.jpg

​A royal huntsman. An illegitimate daughter. And one heart ​— delivered on a platter​.
23-209 C J Brightley The Silent Prince.jpg

A voiceless prince. A desperate princess. A sham romance that turns heart-breakingly real.
23-038 _Constance Lopez The Winter Prince 2 (1).jpg

A beastly prince. A cursed land. One last hope.
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