All of these are in progress in some manner. The covers pictured here are not the real ones; I made them in Canva for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Rest assured, the third books for The Purification Era series and the A Bridge of Starlight trilogy are in the works, but I don’t have blurbs/fake covers for either of them at this time. 

Book One: Perception

“Stay away from them. Whatever it takes, you live.”


Emian is one-fourth itzalin, alone, and on the run from the advancing Hulcondan army and their murderous hunt for all mix-breeds. But no one and nowhere is safe. With enemies on both sides of the war, her only hope is evading them all, keeping her heritage a secret, and finding somewhere she can be invisible.


Ruthless and hard-bitten, Hasiak has earned his place as a Hulcondan commander despite secrets of his own. After years on the battlefield, compassion has no place in his heart or life ------ until he stumbles upon a young woman in desperate need. A mix-breed who embodies everything he wants.


Faced with the choice between certain death and a way to hide in plain sight, Emian takes the risk of going with her enemy. But in a world where being part itzalin is a death sentence and those who aid them meet the same fate, they must find a way to trust each other if they hope to survive.

Book Two: Illusion

“You have one ally. Probably shouldn’t pick fights with him.”


To survive the Hulcondans’ brutal hunt for all mix-breeds, Emian married Hasiak, a fierce commander whose past intertwines with hers. But now comes the real challenge: accepting a citizen’s role in the city of Totta and keeping herself above all suspicion of having mixed blood.


Hasiak has accomplished his desperate goal to save his soldiers from himself. Yet with horrific memories and buried guilt pressing down on him, the adjustment to civilian life isn’t an easy one. Especially as his relationship with Emian starts shifting toward something he doesn’t want or know how to handle.


Surviving now means more than just trusting the enemy ------ it means living alongside each other as husband and wife. And in a city where spies hide in plain sight and political unrest threatens to upend the very foundations of their society, even one wrong move is deadly.

Currently Untitled Duology (Beauty and the Beast Retelling)
Book One: In A Winter and A Whisper

Strike the heart. Show no mercy.

It is all that they deserve.

Princess Raisa Rakkath of Hareth has grown up knowing two things: one, she and her sisters will marry for political gain; and two, fey are monsters. As every passing year brings more savagery from Hareth’s unnatural neighbors, the more urgent the need to forge alliances with the vastly stronger nations around them. But when her beloved sister dies just before the wedding to the Branimirian prince, the duty falls to Raisa ------ and unwittingly drops her right in the middle of a generations’ old curse that binds her family to the monsters she’s been raised to fear.


Finnigal Gast is a secret. All his life, the fey prince of winter has watched from the shadows, waiting to take back what his forefather was promised ------ and thus rescue his people from a nightmarish destruction. Yet with the fey devolving into soulless beasts and his own sanity crumbling more each day, Finn cannot afford to wait any longer. Ending the betrothal of a human princess and prince is simple enough. So is getting her to marry him instead.


But marrying the princess and earning her love are two very different things. Promises are easily broken. So are hearts.


Curses, however, are not.

HULmark Novellas

Three guys. Three girls.

And Christmas!

A Home for the HUL-idays
Emma, a young nursing student, recently lost her parents in a home burglary. Though she has a strong faith, they were close, so she’s not really feeling like Christmas this year ------ even though it was her family’s favorite holiday. When her BFF, Hannah, invites her to an early Christmas party, she grudgingly agrees, provided she can remain out of sight in the kitchen as much as possible. Hannah’s fiancé is a HUL (Hostiles and Underground Logistics, a spec-ops military group), whose HUL friend Hunter recently returned from a long tour of duty, has some mild PTSD issues, and has also been dragged to this party. (Oh, and he hates Christmas. And kind of hates people right now too. So there’s that.)

When Emma is cornered by a slightly tipsy guest who thinks she’s too pretty to hide in the back room, Hunter comes to her rescue. And while he’s intimidating, he also intrigues her ------ and he can’t get the lovely nurse/cook out of his mind. And when a snowstorm leaves Emma stranded in the middle of nowhere, Hunter again comes to her rescue.

But can these two grieving souls find happiness with each other ------ and remember the true meaning of Christmas?


A Big HUL-abaloo About Nothing
Rebecca has longed for years to play a major role of the annual Christmas production at her church. She’s also been unlucky in love and hopes for someone special to spend Christmas with. Her BFF, Eva, sets her up on a blind date she’s sure will be THE ONE. But as Rebecca hurries home from work to get ready for the date, she collides with a sarcastic-yet-handsome stranger who pushes all her buttons and makes her want to pull her hair out (and she likes her hair). She hopes she never sees him again and sets her mind on having a good time at her date. But when she arrives, surprise, surprise: her date is the stranger! 

Soren, an ex-HUL (not really; it is just for this story), is a sucker for helping people out and looooves to act, so when he learns that his friend Eva’s church needs another actor his age for the Christmas play, he jumps at the chance to sign up. He doesn’t expect to run into the lovely, feisty girl who stormed out of his blind date at the practices, or to have a role that forces them to talk to each other. A lot. And the two of them REALLY don’t expect the two leads to be injured while putting up Christmas lights ------ leaving Rebecca and Soren as the only option to take over not only as the stars…but as a married couple!

Can the two of them hash out their differences for the good of the play? Can Rebecca forgive Soren for ruining her favorite Christmas sweater? Can Soren convince Rebecca he’s not a bad guy? And can they possibly find love while learning to work together? 

HUL-lo My Christmas Sunshine
Ariella, Rebecca’s younger sister, is shy and sweet and has never wanted to be in the public eye. She’s content to stay behind the scenes and do the setting up for their town’s Christmas festivities (which, let’s face it, start in April). But when she’s called in as a witness to a theft of the baby Jesus, she finds herself thrust in front of dozens of judgmental people…and right into the sights of stoic politician, almost-ex-HUL, and billionaire Maximillian Thomas. 

Max is weary of the way his life in the big city has been going and longs for the simplicity of his hometown’s love of Christmas. When he finds himself embroiled in a harrowing trial over a missing nativity prop, he definitely doesn’t expect to meet the lovely and brutally honest Ariella. Her kindness and integrity fascinate him, and he just has to get to know her better. But Ariella hides a secret, one that could threaten not only his political career, but Christmas itself for their sleepy little town.

Can the shy sweetheart and the wealthy, intimidating, ex-military politician hope to find love when they come from such different backgrounds? And when Ariella’s secret comes to light, what will Max do now that he’s so desperately smitten?