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An Important Story Day = An Update

Hello, friends!


I just realized how today relates to The Purification Era (Quelling ends May 21st; Razing’s first full day is today) and figured it was update time.


1. I haven’t worked much on TPE. (Or anything of my own, ugh.) I know that’s disappointing. Pretty sure I’ve experienced most grief stages with this whole thing, haha. Between burnout and client projects taking my focus, I’m still feeling…un-ready to tackle the behemoth that is this series.


2. I will be unpublishing and revising Sowing and Quelling, then republishing them with new branding. Not sure when yet. While I knew going into this whole debacle (debacle? Is that the right word? Haha!) that I’d make tweaks, some changes will be more extensive than expected. I’m currently not planning to rewrite**, but it’s not off the table.


(**Rewriting, for me, is NOT scrapping/starting over from scratch! When I rewrite, I take sections at a time and copy the original, but I often add/remove small things as I go. This often tightens/fleshes out the scene better than editing — even if the scene ends up nearly identical to the original.)


3. I’m rediscovering the heart of the series, as well as the heart of writing itself. I’m learning more about my characters, figuring out ways to strengthen their arcs/improve what’s there. I’ve made notes and recorded nearly a dozen voice memos to myself over the past few months (some are over an hour long) about different aspects and things God is showing me.


4. I’ve made some small-ish but important tweaks in Sowing and Quelling. While they aren’t wonderfully written (yet), they’re moving in the right direction. Bigger changes will marinate in my head a bit longer. These changes will be in the republished/rebranded versions, not the currently available ones.


I know this is scary/frustrating/concerning/etc. Trust me, I never wanted to revise a published book again, haha. But as I have prayed and brainstormed, as I’ve allowed myself to take an objective look at these books, I’ve seen things I want to and can improve. Since I have to rebrand, now is the time to address things.


When I revised Sowing in 2019, I did my best to bring it in line with my then-vision. My vision for TPE is solidifying, and I want to ensure I properly set up what’s coming. (Because, eek, what’s coming… Some of you may hate it, though it’s probably not what you think. Or, I mean, it may be, if you know me well, haha.)


My inbox is always open for questions, concerns, and thoughts (and encouragement, haha, because Lord knows…whew). Thank you all for sticking with me.


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