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It says "add a catchy title" - and just like that, all thoughts flee my brain

Hello and happy Thursday! (It is Thursday, right? My days are so messed up haha.) How was your Independence Day? Do anything special? I think I spent nearly the whole day setting up a profile on Upwork and doing stuff related to editing. How…fun.


Not much has changed here, though I unpacked a couple boxes yesterday and put things on the walls and the living room table. We can see the garage floor more! It is still super weird to think that we live here, that it isn’t just a vacation with all the pets in tow. The sunset yesterday was gorgeous, though. (My husband took a much clearer picture than I did.)


I’m going to be posting every Thursday on my Facebook and Instagram from now till…forever? Wut. I have always struggled to be consistent with this, but now I have a plan. Plans are good, yes? Some updates will be personal, others will be writing-related, and there will likely be pictures/spotlights of cats. (I have plenty to choose from haha.)


The last several months (the last year? plus?) have made writing difficult and even more sporadic than it was, but this is changing and soon. There will be a writing-specific update next week — stay tuned (erm, sign up? check back?) so you don’t miss that!


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